Lisa Rinna: STOP Questioning Yolanda Foster's Lyme Disease!

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Back in 2012, Yolanda Foster was diagnosed with Lyme disease. If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you've seen Yolanda's health deteriorate as she resorts to more drastic measures to treat her illness.

But apparently some of Foster's co-stars have been too busy with their own problems to take notice of their "friend's" suffering, because some of them have openly accused Yolanda of faking it

Yolanda Foster in Hospital

Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump and Taylor Arnstrong have all questioned Yolanda's health claims, despite the fact that the woman has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars traveling to Europe for stem cell treatments.

Now, one of Yolanda's more sane co-stars, Lisa Rinna, is addressing the issue on her Bravo blog, and it seems she's fed up with the rest of Housewives and their speculation.

“We saw Lisa talk to Kyle at lunch and openly admit she’s questioning what’s happening beyond the Lyme diagnosis," Lisa writes.

"Then their second conversation about Yolanda in Tuscany where Lisa V said, ‘I’m thinking what she’s thinking is it’s not Lyme disease anymore’ and ‘so you think the mental state dictates the physical state’ in regard to Kyle’s story about her depression after her mother’s death showing itself as physical pain. A whole lot of speculation we’re seeing right now.”

While she doesn't come right out and say, "Yolanda has Lyme disease; everybody STFU about it!" Lisa does describe the feeling of watching her friend suffer in heartbreaking detail:

It was quite clear that we were sitting with a woman desperate to feel well and determined to figure out the culprits to her illness while watching her descent into darkness.

My heart really went out to her in that moment as I couldn’t imagine, even for a second, having my own life do such a severe 180 due to illness.

Yolanda’s situation affected me in a way that made me want to understand what she was going through, and I really started listening to the conversations going on around me pertaining to Yolanda, Lyme disease, and her journey to wellness.

We think it's safe to say Lisa is on Team Yolanda. We also think Bravo can cool it with the fake disease storylines now.

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