Leah Messer to Corey Simms: YOU WILL NOT TALK to T.R. Dues!

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Leah Messer and her new boyfriend are very serious - she's living with T.R. Dues, for crying out loud - and Corey Simms is concerned.

Not that his ex-wife moved on (Corey is remarried with a new baby of his own), but that she won't let him meet the new man in her life.

Leah and Corey

According to a Teen Mom 2 insider, Simms, the father of Messer’s 6-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah, has repeatedly asked his ex for this.

Corey, 26, wants Leah, 23, to let him sit down and talk with T.R. Dues, 33, since he spends a significant amount of time with his girls.

However, “Leah denies his requests, for some unknown reason” a source told Radar Online. “She won’t explain why they can’t meet.”

"Corey just wants to know that the girls are safe with this man." 

Simms and Dues met once “for less than five minutes,” the source says, but Corey didn't realize T.R. was putting it to Leah at the time.

Not only was the West Virginia personal trainer and father of two dating his former wife, he's been living with her for some time now.

Leah, who jumped right into this serious relationship after her second divorce (from Jeremy Calvert) was finalized, is rather co-dependent.

Fans who watch Teen Mom 2 online know this well.

One wonders how Corey will react to know that his twins call their mom's live-in lover's sons Tyshawn, 8, and Angelo, 4, their “brothers.”

At least they're happy? In any case, young Ali and Aleeah currently spend school days with their father, and weekends with Messer.

However, the custody arrangement could change after Messer won a new court hearing and will square off against Simms next month.

She believes the court gave her a raw deal when it came to her daughters' school attendance records, and plans to challenge its findings.

In the meantime, rumors that she plans on getting engaged to T.R. in the near future are swirling ... and would that really surprise you?

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