Leah Messer: Loving Life at Home with T.R. Dues! And His Kids!

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Leah Messer is reportedly getting so serious with her live-in boyfriend, T.R. Dues, that their kids are practically siblings at this point!

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The co-dependent Teen Mom 2 star is definitely living with T.R. Dues, who has two young sons of his own from a prior relationship.

There's even been talk of an engagement on the way, and given Leah track record in the romance department ... we can see it.

In any case, whether she tries to keep it a secret or not (she's not a good liar), Leah and T.R. are shacking up under one roof now.

Not that their kids mind. Her 6-year-old twins, Ali and Aleeah, call Dues’ sons Tyshawn and Angelo their “brothers,” sources say!

“The girls are very close to T.R.’s boys,” a family insider says. “They proudly refer to them as ‘brothers’ while talking to family members.”

In addition to the 8- and 4-year-old quasi-siblings, they have an actual half-sister in Remi, Corey Simms' newborn baby daughter.

Corey, the first of Leah's two ex-husbands, welcomed Remi with his second and current wife, Miranda Patterson, just last month.

Things between Corey and Leah? Depends what day you ask. A judge took primary custody of the twins away from Messer this fall.

She's fighting that, though, and recently won the right to a hearing in January for the court to reconsider their previous decision.

The Teen Mom 2 mainstay is determined to prove she offers a stable home for Ali and Aleeah, which includes boyfriend Dues.

Despite multiple reports of Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert back together, she and her second ex-husband have not reconciled.

Unlike with Simms, the two co-parent daughter Adalynn without any major custody drama - but it's just co-parenting, not reconciliation.

Leah and T.R. have been together for about eight months ... which is almost exactly how long she and Calvert have been apart.

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