Lamar Odom: Ready to Leave Hospital, Nowhere to Go

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It's been over two months since Lamar Odom overdosed on a cocktail of drugs while partying at a Nevada brothel.

At first, Odom's recovery was nothing short of miraculous. He emerged from his coma and began communicating with family and hospital staff just days after he nearly lost his life. Unfortunately, he's encountered numerous road blocks in the weeks since.


Insiders say that even though Odom is unable to walk, frequently forgets his own name and requires round-the-clock care, they've done all they can for him from a rehab standpoint.

“There really hasn’t been a lot of improvement in Lamar’s overall health and it’s time for him to transition from care at Cedars to another facility that can focus on his physical rehabilitation," a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

"Medically, there isn’t anything more that can be done for Lamar at Cedars Sinai.”

Yes, Lamar is not only ready to leave Cedars-Sinai, he'll soon be forced to leave the hospital. Unfortunately, he currently has no place to stay.

Khloe Kardashian has refused to allow Lamar to stay with her, and the rest of his family is either estranged or unable to house him.

Now, those closest to the former NBA star are having even finding a group home where Lamar can get the care he needs and still retain some modicum of privacy.

“Lamar’s people want him to be in a quality care facility," says the insider. "But they are having trouble finding one that is secure and will provide him with the treatment he needs.

“Khloe doesn’t want Lamar to be moved close to her house, because she feels that there would be pressure to visit him every day,” 

“And another facility they had considered can’t take Lamar because he is still unable to control his bladder. There will be a very, very long road to Lamar’s recovery and it’s unclear what’s next.”

Yes, after several weeks of bad news, it looks as though it may be a very bleak holiday season for Lamar.

Fortunately, unlike most people in his situation, Odom has the support of some very rich in-laws.

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