Kylie Jenner Rocks SUPER Short Dress, Flaunts Thigh Scar

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You may have thought you knew everything there was to know about Kylie Jenner, but despite her many, many semi-nude selfies, there are some physical features that even the queen of Instagram usually keeps covered.

Kylie Jenner at Art Basel
Kylie Jenner Scar

On the left, we have Kylizzle hanging out at Art Basel in Miami. On the right is a close-up of Kylie's leg, captioned, "I love my scar."

While Kylie is usually secretive about her physical traits and abnormalities (The girl lied about having lip fillers for years.), she once opened about about her thigh scar in an interview that brings to mind Heath Ledger's Joker:

"When I was about 5 my sister and I were playing hide-and-seek and I hid inside this really tall enclosed gate," Jenner explained at the time. "After a while when my sister didn't find me I had to climb up on this sharp pole sticking out from the gate.

"I slipped and the pole went into my leg. I tried pulling away to get the pole out but it just tore through my whole leg. It's smaller now though because I grew!"

Pssht...little Kendall was probably off somewhere practicing her runway walk! Look what you've done, Kendall!

In case you were wondering, Kylie still hasn't made any mention of the birth of Saint West on her social media pages, which seems a bit odd, but who knows? She might be working under instructions from Kim and Kris.

According to early reports, Kim did not deliver the baby through C-section, so unless there are some botched plastic surgeries that have been kept under wraps, we guess Kylie is the only one with any cool scars for now. 

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