Kylie Jenner: Has "Gone Too Far" With Plastic Surgery, Top Doc Claims

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For about as long as she's been a major topic of public interest, there have been rumors that Kylie Jenner has had plastic surgery.

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The 18-year-old reality star has confessed to having "temporary lip fillers," but she says that's the extent of her cosmetic work.

Now, a renowned plastic surgeon is openly calling BS on Kylie's claim, insisting that the selfie queen is actually an example of what can happen when young women go to far with surgical self-improvement.

In a recent interview with UK tabloid The Mirror, Dr. Tabasum Mir cited Kylie as "the number one example" of a star who's had too much work done in too short a period of time.

"Kylie is really young though, and there is a lot that I think she has had done at such a young age - fillers, Botox, peels," Tasbaum said. "She has had her hips and butt done for sure."

Kylie has denied having implants, and over the years, she's fashioned herself as a body-positivity role model for young women.

Dr. Tasbaum says that's part of what makes her addiction to cosmetic surgeries so dangerous:

"I mean a little lip filler is not that big of a deal because it goes away, but what bothers me is when people say it is natural or they were born like that," says Tasbaum. "You give this false information to all these young girls."

Tasbaum says Kylie is currently putting both herself and her young fans at risk, and the best thing she can do to lessen the danger is come clean about the work she's had done  - and call off any future procedures.

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