Kylie Jenner: Dropped By Friends Due to Ego, Tyga Obsession

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Kylie Jenner may have to find a new clique to sit with because it seems she went from queen bee to social outcast overnight.

Kylie Jenner in the Kar

According to Radar Online Kylie's getting the cold shoulder from her friends, who are sick of indulging her ego and listening to her blather on about her boyfriend, Tyga. 

“Kylie’s just way too full of herself and nobody wants to deal with it anymore,” says the insider. “Everyone jokes that Kylie’s head is so far up her own butt.”

Wow. A butt joke about a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan? They sure know hot to Kylie where it hurts (the butt).

The source adds that the 18-year-old's famous friends, and even her sister Kendall “are sick of Kylie tagging along and go out of their way to avoid her as much as possible.”

Apparently, the turning point came when Kylie realized she's more popular than her sisters after her app outsold theirs, and she amassed more Instagram followers than everyone but Kim. 

It's not as if Kylie was the most humble teen on the planet prior to that, but since becoming her family's number one cash cow, the social media queen has reportedly become a "self-obsessed bore."

But if you think Kylie is sitting around throwing herself a pity-party, think again. It seems Kylizzle has wasted no time in finding herself a new squad:

“She spends most her time with Tyga‘s crew now, even when he’s not around,” says the source. “She could care less about anyone else but herself!”

We guess that's an upside to self-absorption: When you friends ditch you, you don't really care!

Anyway, we're sure Kylie will be just fine. After all, her best friend has always been her self(ie).

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