Kylie Jenner: Criticized By Black Lives Matter Movement?

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Kylie Jenner has faced lots of criticism over the course of her career, but the reality star has never (to our knowledge) been accused of being a bigot.

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That's what makes the current controversy involving Kylie and the Black Lives Matter movement so confusing:

It all started when an image that purportedly showed an screen shot from Kylie's Instagram page made the sounds online.

The photo showed an Instagram user accusing Kylie of being a "wannabe black girl" and asking what she's done for the Black Lives movement.

A response from Kylie, allegedly captured in the photo, shows the 18-year-old responding simply, "I support Black Lives Matter."

Many were confused when Kylie retweeted the viral image with a caption reading, "Btw...this is fake."

After many fans took Kylie's comment as an indication that she doesn't support Black Lives Matter, she clarifiied things (somewhat) by tweeting:

"Not saying that's what I don't support.. It's just fake."

Needless to say, the whole thing is a bit confusing, but we think what Kylie is trying to say is that the alleged screen shot from her Instagram page is completely fabricated, including her statement of support.

However, while that response was fake, Kylie does support BLM...or at least she doesn't not support it. Or something.

In any event, Kylie has been criticized for not taking the opportunity to make a stronger statement about the racial unrest in this country.

Given the amount of influence she holds over millions of young people, we hope she does so at some point.

But for now, if she wants to avoid further controversy, it might be best to just stick to the racy Instagram selfies that made her famous.

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