Kris Jenner to Kylie: Cover Your A--!

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Kids these days, posing for photos in leather chaps and cavorting around sets with professional photographers.

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By now, everyone has seen the photos from Kylie Jenner's December/January cover of Interview Magazine. It's saucy, it's controversial, and it's "so Kylie," according to Kris Jenner.

"Steven Klein shot this, and he's so iconic and amazing," Jenner told Maria Menounos during a SiriusXM interview.  

"She gets to work with him and express herself. And that's what she loves. I think they're great. I think they're beautiful and artistic.

Kris, however, would have preferred that the 18-year-old not wear assless chaps, but you can't win them all (said no mom ever).

"I think she could have covered her bum a little bit more," Kris admitted.  

"But it's just so cool, it's almost like she's doll-like."

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"She's wild," Jenner added.  "And this is how she expresses herself so I think it's great. She's definitely somebody who's got a great head on her shoulders."

"She's such a good person and she such a great girl with a big heart, so I don't worry about that side of her.

"She is a very artistic girl, where she thinks outside the box and she really pushes the envelope and she's very edgy." 

Don't worry, though, cuz Kylie's doing her thing, marching to the beat of her own drum and whatnot.

"She's always been like that and she doesn't do it in a bad way or 'I'm going to be the rebel,' Kris insisted. 

"That's not really who she ever was."

"I can give her lots of advice, which she usually takes," Kris continued.  "She does worry about influencing kids that are younger and not wanting to be a bad influence.

"The sexy photos are just Kylie saying 'Hey this was really creative, and this was how I was feeling this day and isn't it cool.'"


While we're on awkward subjects, what's the 411 with Kylie and Tyga?

"I have no idea," Kris said.  "I really don't know. Things at my house happen on a daily, anything's possible."

"I love Tyga, he's great," she added.

"He's the best."

Ah, youth.

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