Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber: Is It Really So Crazy?

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The unexpected rumors have turned into a stunning reality:

According to various new reports, Justin Bieber is hooking up with Kourtney Kardashian.

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Yes, you read that sentence correctly.

The singer and the reality star were first spotted out in public, looking VERY cozy, in October, with insiders saying Justin and Kourtney were "playing house" and getting to know each other awfully well.

If you know what we mean.

But while the Internet is reacting with ooohs, aaahs and WTFs to the news, a look back at the history between Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian reveals that maybe this celebrity fling wasn't so shocking to see coming after all.


Bieber has always been close to the family. Heck, there were rumors last year that Bieber was dating Kendall Jenner after the stars attended Coachella together and also dined in Paris.

Bieber has also been close to Kourtney's family. Back in May, we shared a picture of Justin playing in the pool with Mason Dash Disick, Kardashian's oldest child.

"#Mason & @JustinBieber family pool day!!!" Kris Jenner captioned the photo at the time. "#Bestbabysitterintheworld."

Bieber and Kourtney used to be neighbors. Justin has since sold his Calabasas mansion (to Khloe Kardashian!), but proximity goes a long way.

How many single women out there would not develop sexual feelings for Bieber if they could practically see inside his bedroom? Assuming he isn't hurling eggs at your house, that is.

Kourtney wants to make Scott Disick jealous. This has been well-documented. Just consider the photo gallery below.

Now, stop and think about it: if you want to make your ex-boyfriend jealous, could you do any better than Justin Bieber?!?

Just imagining Disick's face upon learning this news makes us as giddy as... well... as Justin Bieber upon first seeing Kourtney Kardashian nude.

Age is just a number. Yes, Bieber is 21 and Kardashian is 36. But Bieber is an old 21. He's been in the music business for years.

It's not like this is a college senior getting it on with someone who has been working for 15 years (plus, come on, does Kourtney Kardashian really work?!?) and who is at a different stage in her life.

Bieber has always lusted after older woman. Miranda Kerr, anyone?!? Bieber once bragged that Kerr made him a man after he had sex with the supermodel.

Kerr is 32 years old.

Both Bieber and Kardashian are very good looking. That's really all it takes sometimes. Sex isn't always that complicated.

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