Kanye West to Kylie Jenner: DUMP Tyga Already!

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It's been almost two weeks since Kylie Jenner and Tyga broke up and then immediately got back together, hoping no one would notice.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Get Papped!

Sure, the couple claims they never actually split up, but all signs indicate that they parted ways for at least the better part of a weekend.

Kylie skipped Tyga's birthday party and didn't even give him an Instagram shout-out. Neither half of Kyga denied the breakup rumors for a full 48 hours. And perhaps most tellingly of all, Kylie's family happily dissed Tyga on social media.

Of course, it's one thing when Kendall Jenner gives T-Raww the middle finger on her IG page.

It's quite another when Kylie's brother-in-law, who's arguably the most influential man in hip hop at the moment, decides that he's had enough of the rapper's cradle-robbing shenanigans.

Yes, according to Radar Online, Kanye West wants Kylie to dump Tyga ASAP, and he has the full support of his wife and her family:

“The family loathes and detests Tyga, but they’re out of ideas about how to talk sense into Kylie,” says one insider.

The source adds that the family was initially opposed to the idea of Yeezy intervening in the Kyga situation, because they're aware that he's in a constant state of barely contained rage, and they were afraid he might throw one of his classic Kanye tantrums.

Now, however, they feel that that's just what the doctor ordered:

“They know he’ll lose his temper and get over-protective,” says the source. “They’ve now come to the conclusion that it’s the only way to get rid of Tyga.”

“Kanye’s picking his moment, but he’s gunning for Tyga, and he’s vowed he won’t hold back.”

Hopefully Tyga isn't planning on giving an uninterrupted acceptance speech at an awards show in the near future.

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