Josh Duggar: Out of Rehab Early After Secret Night Flight?!

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After four months in rehab, rumor has it that the allegedly reformed sexual deviant Josh Duggar has quietly gone home to his family.

Anna and Josh Duggar

On the heels of reports that Anna Duggar saw Josh on Christmas comes new information that suggest he may be back in Arkansas.

According to Radar Online, citing reliable aviation records, the Duggars' private plane left the family's native Springdale, Ark. 

Yesterday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. CST, it took off.

The destination: Rockford, Illinois, where Josh has been in the Christian-based treatment center Reformers Unanimous since August.

Records show the plane landed at 5:46 p.m.

The plane turned right back around and took off from Rockford just over an hour later at 6:57, landing back in Springdale at 10:11 CST.

Circumstantial evidence? Absolutely.

But given this extremely quick turnaround, it stands to reason that the Duggars weren't in town to visit Josh, but to whisk his a-- outta there.

Especially not with Anna having just come up mere days earlier and having visited him in rehab with their daughter earlier this month.

When Josh’s 25-year-old brother John David Duggar, a licensed pilot, visited Rockford on Christmas Eve, he left a full 24 hours later.

Anna Duggar, the mother of his four children, was his co-passenger. Just four days later, the same plane returned, but for an hour.

An hour and 11 minutes to be exact, just enough time for John David to pick up Josh five miles away at RU, and return to the airport.

Reformers Unanimous rules demand patients stay for a full six months at the center, meaning Josh would likely finish up in February.

However, that doesn't mean they wouldn't make an exception for their famous patient, or that Josh didn't simply decide to bounce early.

Wherever he is, the disgraced family values activist, outed in 2015 as a child molester, adulterer and porn addict, has a long road ahead.

Today, a judge set a pretrial hearing in porn star Danica Dillon's lawsuit against Duggar, who she says caused her turmoil during sex.

Even if Anna takes him back, as is (sigh) widely expected, there's no doubt that Josh's shady past will follow him long into the future.

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