Jill Duggar DESTROYS Josh: That Lying, Cheating Hornball Let Us Defend Him!

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Josh Duggar‘s sister Jill unloads - at least as much as a Duggar can do such a thing - in a sneak peek from TLC's Jill and Jessa: Counting On.

Jill, not surprisingly, was rip$h!t about the fact that she went on Fox News and defended him against claims that he is a pedophile or child molester.

All the while, he hid more scandalous, sexual skeletons in his closet that were eventually exposed, nuking the family's image and TV empire.

Sunday night's premiere of TLC's 19 Kids & Counting offshoot, the three-part special Jill and Jessa: Counting On, should be very, very interesting.

In the aftermath of Josh’s disgraceful scandal, which was revealed when he was outed as an Ashley Madison user, the family has kept quiet.

Until now.

In the above sneak peek, Jill is clearly miffed that she was hoodwinked by her eldest sibling like the rest of us, and humiliated twice in the process.

“It wasn’t right for him to let us speak our words without having the full knowledge of what he was hiding,” she said, and his wife would concur.

Appearing on camera for the first time since Josh confessed his infidelity and addiction to porn, the long-suffering Anna Duggar is heartbroken.

In a somber tone of disbelief, she laments “I was just like, ‘I’m gonna wake up and this is going to be okay.' And this really … this can’t be true.'”

Oh, but it was.

Josh admitted he was “the biggest hypocrite ever” after his cheating was exposed, and was shipped off to Christian sex addiction labor camp.

So what next?

That's the million-dollar question, isn't it Duggar Nation? Reports of Anna visiting Josh in rehab this week can be interpreted one of two ways:

  1. She's finally ready to file for divorce after Danica Dillon sued him for sex so rough and traumatizing that she suffers from PTSD;
  2. She's ready to forgive and move on, for the sake of their children and because she has (or feels she has) nowhere else to go.

What's your guess?

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