David Foster: Yolanda is "Exaggerating" Illness (Report)

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Let's leave the woman battling Lyme disease alone.

Yolanda Foster Gets Treatment For Lyme Disease

True, by making her illness public, Yolanda Foster is inviting criticism.  However, I have a hard time believing that she's milking the attention for all it's worth.

Sources tell Us Weekly that Foster's estranged husband, David and his family believe the former model "just loves the attention of being sick.

“They believe she’s exaggerating her condition."


"And they point out that she’s never gotten a legit diagnosis or a second or third opinion," the source added.  “He didn’t understand why Yolanda wouldn’t leave the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if she’s in so much pain and so tired."

David has immense wealth and is a private person despite his fame, according to the source, "so it was frustrating Yolanda wanted to do this show so badly."

It's also been claimed that the music producer has, to date, spent $5 million on Yolanda's treatments.

A friend of Yolanda's refutes any claims that she is seeking attention.

"The sickness is very real and not fake,” says the insider. “She’s being brave, and she’s a fighter. She did this season only to promote awareness of the disease.”

Yolanda defended her decision to be so candid with her health, after Taylor Armstrong boldly questioned it on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

"Maybe it should anger me, but instead it makes me want to fight harder and speak louder for those whose voices can't be heard," Yolanda wrote.

"Those of you who have experienced chronic illness, you know what I'm talking about."

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