Chelsea Houska's Ex: She's Not A Loser, But She Still Sucks!!!

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Adam Lind lost our respect a long, long time ago.

Chelsea Houska's Instagram Pic
Adam Lind: Shirtless And Showing Off Tatts

Now here he is, defending himself against fans of Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska, who is newly engaged to Cole DeBoer and loving life.

"She's not a loser ... she just needs to learn to communicate better with me ... Great Mom!" Lind said during an Instagram Q&A, according to The Stir.

Just is stuck in her own lil world of 'perfection,' ... She needs to come off her high horse and speak with me about things with our child."

Lind continued his rant alongside a shrtless photo showing off all them tattoos.

"I get I f--ked up pretty bad ... But for f--k's sake it was 5+ years ago ... Get over it and move on with life ya know Lol ... No hate here everyone calm the f--k down :)."

"That's right Lol ... [Remember] how she made a hugeeee f---in' deal about me not having a license Lol ... (I do have one now)... But she never complained at 2 a.m, when is drive over there to ....

"Yup... .... Smh..but hey it's all in the past everyone needs to let the shit go and move on..."

Alright, Adam.  Go nigh nigh.

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