Charlie Sheen on Life With HIV: No More Booze & Drugs For Me!

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It's been over a month since the world learned that Charlie Sheen has been diagnosed with HIV, and in the weeks since, the Sheenius has been uncharacteristically quiet on social media.

Charlie Sheen Makes HIV Reveal

It makes sense that he's lying low, as Sheen is facing lawsuits from dozens of former sex partners who claim he endangered their lives by not disclosing his condition.

In any event, Sheen has emerged from hiding for a candid interview with Radar Online in which he discusses his health and how his life has changed since revealing that he suffers from HIV.

For legal reasons, Sheen was unable to talk about the lawsuits against him, but he did open up about other controversial aspects of his life.

Asked, for example, if he would have lived his life differently knowing what he knows now, Charlie gave a surprising response:

"I would change three things: one, I would have never started smoking...Because it’s one of the worst things for you and the hardest things to quit.

"Two, I would have never gotten a single tattoo. They’re hard to get rid of! … Three, I never would have done cocaine. I would never have started any of those."

Given his current health issues, we felt certain that "always using protection" would be somewhere on the list, but that Chuckles will always surprise you!

Speaking of shockers, Sheen says he has officially put the plug in the jug and thrown the stash in the trash, having sworn off drugs and alcohol immediately after the interview with Matt Lauer in which he revealed his diagnosis:

"I’m not drinking and I haven’t done drugs for a very long time, and I’m having a ball," Sheen said. 

When the interviewer reminded Sheen that he told Lauer he was still drinking just a few weeks ago, Sheen replied:

"I quit on the flight home. How about that?" Sure, Charlie. Whatever you say.

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