Tyga to Reveal Kylie Jenner's Plastic Surgery Secrets in Tell-All Book?!

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As we reported yesterday, Kylie Jenner and Tyga have broken up after more than a year of dating.

There are conflicting reports about why Kylie and Tyga called it quits, but a few things seem certain: Tyga is newly single, short on cash, and armed with secrets about Kylie and her family that some folks would pay a lot of money for.

Kylie Jenner, Tyga Live Stream

According to Radar Online, the rapper is planning to take revenge on Kylie and earn some major bucks by penning a tell-all book about the Instagram queen and her A-list sisters.

"Tyga did NOT sign a confidentiality agreement of any sorts because he has been a close friend of Kylie's for a very long time and everyone just assumed that he was on their team," says one insider.

"But Tyga knows more about that family that almost anyone alive."

Yes, it's not just Kylie whose reputation is at risk, as Tyga became close with the entire Kard clan over the course of his relationship with the family's youngest sibling.

"Tyga knows more about Kim and Kanye from working with Kanye on music," the source claims. "He has enough on them to write two books!

"Kris's concern about all of this is that he is going to expose them for the frauds they are."

But while the entire family is likely to be called out in Tyga's tell-all, it's Kylie who has the most to lose. 

The source says the family's biggest worry is that Tyga's book will include details about Kylie's many plastic surgeries.

Kylie has repeatedly claimed that she's had no cosmetic work done outside of temporary lip fillers.

Many fans believe that she's lying, and if her ex proves them right, it might prove seriously damaging to her reputation, particularly since Kylie has attempted to re-brand herself as an advocate of body positivity and self-acceptance in recent months.

Unfortunately for her, sources say Tyga is broke and willing to do whatever it takes to line his pockets.

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