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If you’re only familiar with Tyga as Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, and not as a hip hop artist with 4 studio albums and more than a dozen mixtapes to his name, well, you’re not alone.

Tyga’s career hasn’t quite taken off the way it was meant to for a number of reasons:

Tyga: Kylie Jenner Tattoo Selfie

He has a long history of pissing off his collaborators; he seems more focused on reality stardom than rapping; and most importantly, as his most recent singles have proven, Tyga’s just not good at making music.

Even so, the guy has a burning desire to live the lifestyle of a successful rapper – and if his financial woes are any indication, it’s starting to catch up to him.

Tyga has been sued for everything from not paying his rent to stiffing the people who worked with him on songs and music videos.

Now, TMZ is reporting that Tyga is facing yet another lawsuit, this one from a woman who already won a suit against the deadbeat rapper last year.

Allison Brown won a case in which she claimed that Tyga plied her with alcohol and forced to her remove her top for one of his music videos  – and then never even paid her!

She won a $50,000 judgment, but Tyga never paid up, so now she’s suing again and tacking on an additional $16,000 for lawyer’s fees.

Court documents reveal that Tyga still owes his landlord and has an outstanding tax debt in the amount of 19 grand.

Kylie’s paid Tyga’s bills in the past, but we can’t help wondering how many more times she’ll be willing to bail him out.