Tyga BEGGED Kylie Jenner For a Second Chance After Breakup, Source Claims

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Last week, several media outlets reported that Kylie Jenner and Tyga had broken up.

Less than two days later, however, Kylie and Tyga revealed that they're still together via a puzzling Snapchat post.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Go Gatsby

Last night, Kylie and Tyga attended several AMA after parties together and looked for all the world like a young couple in love.

But if they were never actually separated, why did Kyga allow the rumor to persist for almost 48 hours (an eternity in the modern social media landscape)?

Why did Kylie skip Tyga's birthday party and fail to even mention the occasion on her beloved Instagram page? 

Well, according to an insider who spoke with Radar Online, the reason is that Kylie and Tyga did break up - and now they're desperately trying to hide their myriad relationship troubles from their fans.

"They absolutely did break up last week, but it was not the first time by any means," says the source. "It was just the first time that she let people find out about it.

"Tyga is desperate and literally begged her to give him one more chance. He told her that he would do anything she wanted for her not to leave him and he told her that he cannot live without her."

Sounds like quite a bit of drama going on behind the facade of Kyga's healthy, happy relationship.

It might be tough to believe, were it not for the fact that Kylie basically confirmed that she and Tyga have gone through secret breakups in the past:

"I don't want people to know every time we fight or break up, so I'd rather keep some things private," Kylie said in a recent interview.

The source says that each time they get back together, Kylie thinks it's for good - but those around her know better:

"Their reconciliation will not last," the insider says. "They are constantly in a huge fight because Tyga gets so jealous of her. To make matters worse she simply cannot trust him at all anymore with all the cheating rumors.

"No one in Kylie's family likes Tyga at all anymore. He treats her like he owns her and Kylie ended it last week to teach him a lesson on how lucky he is to have her.

"Tyga was Kylie's first everything. He was her first boyfriend and her first love. Sadly, everyone knows that the first love never lasts."

If only someone had told Kylie that it was a bad idea for her to get involved with an inappropriately older rapper while she was still in high school.

Oh, wait...the whole world told her that every day!!!

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