The Game Penis Photos: Going, Going... Soon to Be Gone

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Very sad news today out of the world of entertainment:

By the time you read this, Instagram may have removed photos of The Game's penis from the rapper's scantily-clad account.

The Game Instagram Photo

It's startling. It's depressing. It's a shock to the system. But it's true.

About three weeks ago, the tattoo-filled rapper shared a couple of intimate photos that even Kylie Jenner might find too racy.

We’d show them to you here, but if they are too X-rated for Instagram, they are too X-rated for The Hollywood Gossip.

The pictures depict a shirtless Game in nothing but boxer briefs, showing off his arms, his pecs and his impressive male unit... covered up by said boxer briefs, at least.

Despite the lack of actual nudity, the images have been flagged enough times that TMZ reports they will soon be taken down by the Instagram Powers That Be.

If The Game refuses to delete the pictures, the social media service will likely suspend his account.

So it looks like The Game and Miley Cyrus have something in common.

The latter has been fighting to #FreetheNipple on Instagram for months now.

We can only imagine the former will soon start pushing folks to #FreetheJunk.

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