Sinead O'Connor Pens Apparent Suicide Note; Did She Overdose?

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Sinead O'Connor has been found alive.

But all appears to not be well with the veteran singer.

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O'Connor, who has a history of mental illness, penned a lengthy note on Facebook today that implied strongly that she was committing suicide.

"I have taken an overdose. There is no other way to get respect," the letter reads. "I am not at home. I'm at a hotel, somewhere in Ireland, under another name."

TMZ, fortunately, reports that O'Connor was found by authorities on Sunday afternoon and is receiving medical attention.

The artist has four children (ranging in age from 9 to 28) and is married to Barry Herridge, the therapist she married in Las Vegas after meeting him on the Internet.

In her Facebook post, O’Connor references a “horrific set of betrayals” and alleges “appalling cruelty” by Herridge, her kids and even her son’s girlfriend.

“There is only so much any woman can be expected to bear,” she says, going on to write how she’s been “punished” since having surgery in late August and adding:

"Howling crying for weeks. And been told by them all to go f-ck myself. I'm invisible. I don't matter a shred to anyone."

O'Connor made many headlines in October of last year when she got into a feud with Miley Cyrus over the importance of respecting one's mental health issues.

In an open letter to Cyrus, O'Connor mentioned how she had "suicidal compulsion" in the past as a side effect of medication she had taken.

In this case, O'Connor concluded her sad post by writing:

well done guys, you’ve finally got rid of me. Sorry the penny didn’t drop sooner. I’m an idiot. When you planned to get me away from my babies did you plan for me losing my mind over it? It being the final straw? For how you’re gonna explain why I died?

Make sure you tell the truth. BARRY.. THEY WONT. YOURE THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS ME OR THE TRUTH. PLEASE STAND FOR ME AND TELL IT. i can’t play twister. My children don’t care if I live r die anyway. Neither do their dads.

Everyone is better off. Never ever do this to a woman again. Let this be your lesson. I survived it when John waters did it.. I can’t survive Jake doing it.

We send our thoughts to O'Connor and we hope she finds the help she so clearly needs.

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