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Earlier today, we reported that Kourtney Kardashian is thoroughly impressed by the newly sober Scott Disick.

Kourtney, Scott in Love

In fact, insiders say that even though Scott was caught cheating on Kourtney, she’s willing to give him another chance.

At first, it was hard to believe, as Scott’s affair with Chloe Bartoli was just one in a long string of screw-ups from the Lord.

Amazingly, however, sources are now reporting that Scott is out of rehab and has already spent the night at Kourtney’s house!

Unfortunately for Scott, that might mean that he’s back in Kourt’s good graces just yet:

“Scott did stay over at his shared home with Kourtney, but he was there to specifically look after and spend time with their kids,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“Kourtney went out with her girlfriends, so it was the perfect opportunity for him to return to his fatherly duties, and it isn’t an indication that she’s taken him back just yet.

"After all, last night he slept in a separate bedroom, like he normally does, and Kourtney didn’t get back until late.”

Yes, Scott might be the first person in history to get friendzoned by his baby mama.

But hey, at least the guy can now be trusted to spend some time alone with the kids without trying to start up a game of beer pong.