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If you watch NCIS online, then you know actress Pauley Perrette from her role as the gothed-out forensic scientist Abby Sciuto.

Last night, Perrette was involved in a harrowing real life crime, and she shared the frightening tale with her Twitter followers.

“Tonight was an awful night,” the 46-year-old began. “On my street I was jumped by a VERY psychotic homeless man.

“He grabbed me so forcefully, pinned my arm, punched me in the nose, forehead repeatedly telling me he was going to kill me. Then he showed me how he was going to kill me.” 

Perrette says the man punched her several times and repeatedly screamed, his name, which may have saved her life:

“I prayed my heart out and then finally said, ‘William is a beautiful name,I have a little nephew named William.’ That’s all I said, all I did, other than praying my heart out. He started to punch me again, and then said: ‘get the f–k out of here’ And I did.”

Perette says she then collapsed on the sidewalk and a neighbor passed by, allowed his dog to lick her face, and did nothing to help.

Eventually, she was able to return to her home and call the police. Her assailant was arrested and charged with felony assault.

Perrette ends her account with a plea for improved healthcare and housing for the homeless:

“I am shaken and traumatized. My house, my beloved Hollywood. My beloved homeless people that I spend my life protecting. My life changed tonight.

“We need full mental health care. We need housing and help for the homeless. We need to support our cops. We need to not walk alone. I need to heal. I almost died tonight.”