Olivia Munn Slams ESPN, Ignorant Packers Fans

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If you're a football fan, you're probably aware that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been struggling in recent weeks.

Rodgers has been dating Olivia Munn for 18 months, and everything appears to be going well in their relationship, but for some reason, dumbass social media trolls and professional sports journalists alike have taken to blaming Munn for Rodgers' difficulties on the field.

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The worst culprit is ESPN's Rob Demovsky who for some reason thought this would be a reasonable thing to write an article assessing Rodgers' recent performance:

“A longtime NFL agent told me recently that when he sees one of his top-performing clients play differently, as Rodgers has of late, the first thing he wonders is if something is going on in his personal life.

Thankfully, Munn wasn't having it:

“Playing it fast & loose w/the journalism @RobDemovsky," Munn tweeted. "Your professional skills are lacking... you must be having personal problems at home.”

Munn has particularly taken issue with media outlets that quoted a Twitter user who blamed "Munn and Rodgers spouting off on TV about their sex life" for the fact that "God has taken his hand of blessing off of Packers players."

Munn pointed out that a quick scroll through the user's previous tweets reveals that he's an unstable bigot who probably shouldn't be used as a source of information for mainstream news stories.

Sounds like Demovsky and company need to learn to discount double-check their sources. (Sorry.)

Of course, the bigger issue is the fact that grownup sports journalists are looking to blame a slump on the athlete's girlfriend.

We've been hearing divorce rumors about Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady for months, and the Patriots are freakin' 9-0!

Sure, Brady is clearly not a human being, but a handsome football-laying cyborg who's circuitry was personally designed by Bill Belichick, but that's beside the point.

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