Mindy Mann: Who is Gwen Stefani's Allegedly Naughty Nanny?

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Rumors continue to swirl around Gwen Stefani.

Is she dating Blake Shelton? Yes, despite the singer's odd denial of this relationship, which followed a statement by her rep confirming it as fact.

Mindy Mann Picture
Mindy Mann Photo

Is she pregnant with Shelton's baby? We somehow doubt it.

Did husband Gavin Rossdale carry on a lengthy affair with nanny Mindy Mann? We don't know... but we're intrigued by the possibility!

This allegation initially surfaced via an Us Weekly cover story, though it has since been backed up by other, semi-reputable outlets.

According to various sources, Stefani learned of Rossdale’s infidelity via messages and naked photos of Mann on the family iPad.

OUCH! And may we also add: OOPS!

We cannot verify this story, but we can remark on the above Facebook photos of Mindy Mann. She sure looks a whole lot like Gwen Stefani, wouldn't you say?

Here's what else can can report about Mindy Mann:

  • She hails from Australian.
  • She was recommended to the couple by mutual friends.
  • She idolized Stefani. "If Gwen would eat something or do a workout or get a new handbag, Mindy would do the same thing," an insider told Us Weekly.
  • She was brought in to help raise children Kingston and Zuma in 2008. But she stuck around and was working for the couple when they welcomed their third son, Apollo Bowie, in 2014.
  • She (allegedly) started sleeping with Rossdale in 2012.

We feel badly for Stefani is this story is true.

Then again... she did go on to bag Blake Shelton. One could do far worse when it comes to snaring a handsome rebound.

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