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Parents Of The Year nominees Michael Lohan and Kate Major are so crackers that they have lost custody of their two children, Landon, 2, and Logan, 10 months.  

According to TMZ, the Florida Department of Children and Families put the boys in foster care after obtaining a video of Lohan and Major having a nasty fight in front of them. Lohan’s mother currently has temporary guardianship.

Lohan and Major went to court today in an attempt to win back custody from Lohan’s mother, but the judge was like, “Nah, you two are insane,” and upheld the decision.  

Not only do the parents only have DCF-chaperoned visitation rights, but they also have to attend anger management courses.

Major entered rehab last June after a “drunken attack” on Lohan in April.  In 2014, Major got a DUI after leaving her home in a blaze of glory following yet another showdown with Lohan, who called the cops on her.

Other than those isolated incidents, they sound like really stable people.

Major and Lohan married in October 2014, after an on-and-off relationship that began in 2010.  Things moved towards marriage-town after Lohan completed a stint on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.  The couple welcomed Landon in January 2013.    

Prior to that, Major (a former Star Magazine journalist) dated Jon Gosselin.