Liza Morales: Pissed at Khloe Kardashian! Taking Passive-Aggressive Shots on Twitter!

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Lamar Odom's baby mama Liza Morales said she is thankful for the support the ailing star has received a Twitter post over Thanksgiving weekend.

While that sounds grateful and innocent, many are interpreting the word choice and tone as a salvo aimed at Lamar's spouse, Khloe Kardashian.

Liza n' Khloe

As Odom continues to recover from his near-fatal drug overdose in October, Morales, 36, says she has reached the “Mt. Everest” of her gratefulness.

Then she proceeds to fire seriously passive-aggressive shots at those, she says, who had abandoned their family when times got tough:

“I can’t forget to thank the people that knew my children since toddler age, that turned their backs, and prioritized business relationships.”

“You see," Liza says of her former partner, "it’s not about who was there cheering in the stands at basketball games. No, this is real life."

"What matters," Morales continues, in what many feel is a jab at Khloe, "is who was with you when you were at your lowest. Thankful.”

Morales and Kardashian have had an extremely rocky relationship, especially since Odom overdosed in a Nevada brothel last month.

While Kardashian had initially been by Odom’s side when he was hospitalized, and called off their divorce, their reconciliation was brief.

If there was even any reconciliation at all. Soon enough, she was back with James Harden, her NBA star beau, to the surprise of many.

“You can’t be with Harden and still be married fam, gotta choose one,” one fan of Morales responded to her post, while another said:

“For better or worse, in sickness and in health, till death do them part ... I’m with you, she needs to pick one or the other.”

Khloe telling off her critics on social media, which seems to be a regular occurrence these days, only upset Liza further, sources say.

“Liza takes issue with Khloe lashing out at fans on Twitter, shaming Lamar,” an insider told Radar following Kardashian's latest rant.

When Kardashian was advised not to visit Odom due to the staph infection she’d contracted, Morales actually breathed a sigh of relief.

“Khloe had made the kids’ previous visits uncomfortable because she refused to leave the room,” one source close to Morales said.

With her gone, Morales and her two kids planned a day of quality time with Odom: “There was no other place they would want to be."

Lamar and Liza are parents to Destiny and Lamar Jr. Their third child, Jayden, tragically passed away from SIDS nearly a decade ago.

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