Leah Messer to Win Back Custody of Twin Daughters?!

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Last month, Leah Messer lost custody of her twin daughters to ex-husband Corey Simms.

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Though Leah gets to spend time with 5-year-olds Ali and Aleeah on weekends, the girls spend most of their week living with Simms and his new wife and daughter.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Leah recently scored a major legal victory that could be the first step in regaining custody of the twins.

The court's determination that Ali and Aleeah should stay with their father during the school week was based largely on Simms' claim that the girls were frequently late for school.

Leah insisted from the start that that was a lie, and now, she's reportedly been able to secure time-stamped photos of her drop-offs and, as well as testimony from the school's superintendent to prove that the girls were almost always on time.

“Leah had all kinds of proof to shut them down,” says one insider. “They admitted the records were inaccurate.”

Leah's lawyers have even gone so far as to Corey and his new wife of manipulating evidence. Sources say it's noe looking as though Leah will be successful in her efforts to have a judge re-examine her case.

“Leah is convinced Corey and Miranda persuaded a school employee to mark them tardy,” says the insider.  “She has a good chance of bringing this to the court. She really could get her daughters back.”

Of course, just proving that she's been consistently able to get the girls to school on time likely won't be enough to convince a judge to restore custody to Leah.

Leah's drug problems have been well-documented, but she appears to still be in denial about her addiction. 

Additionally, the worst cases of Leah's negligent parenting (many of which were captured by Teen Mom cameras) are sure to be brought up by Simms' lawyers.

Leah may be making strides these days, but she has a long way to go to convince the court that she can provide a suitable home for Ali and Aleeah.

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