Leah Messer: Suicidal After Losing Custody of Twins?!

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To say that Leah Messer has been having a hard time lately would be a massive understatement.

Leah Messer in Pain

Last month, Leah lost custody of her twin daughters to her first husband, Corey Simms.

In the weeks since, fans have criticized Leah as an unfit mom and drug addict. She lamely blamed her unfit parenting on narcolepsy, but Twitter wasn't buying it. 

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Leah has become suicidal as a result of losing primary custody of her two oldest children. 

“Leah seems deeply depressed, and everyone is very concerned,” says one insider. “She can’t imagine life without her girls.”

The source say Leah's mother, Dawn Spears, is especially concerned and has been encouraging Leah to seek professional help.

“Dawn is asking friends for advice on how to help her,” says the source.

The insider says part of the problem is that even though she recently completed an inpatient rehab stint, Leah still refuses to acknowledge that she suffered from a prescription pill addiction.

Family and friends are worried that her denial and depression put her at an increased risk for a relapse.

“It’s obvious that she has struggled with pills, but she refuses to talk about it,” says the source. “If she won’t be honest, how is she ever going to truly get better?”

Her family reportedly feels that Leah's addiction was the primary reason that she lost custody of 6-year-olds Ali and Aleeah, and unless she continues her treatment, they feel her daughters will never be returned to her on a full-time basis.

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