Lamar Odom: "Serious Longterm and Lasting Issues" From Overdose

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Lamar Odom narrowly escaped death on October 13th.

Lamar Odom Lands at LAX

Unfortunately, Odom's overdose at a Nevada brothel caused him to suffer a number of strokes, as well a loss of oxygen to the brain.  Both have created issues with talking and his ability to walk on his own.

"Lamar has made some progress, but his cognitive impairment is making life very challenging," a source told People, adding that he "won't likely leave the hospital for a long time."

When that time comes, Odom will require round-the-clock care.

"He can't take care of himself," the source explained.

Khloe Kardashian, who put divorce proceedings on hold in order to care for Odom, has been by his side since the overdose.

"With Khloé in his life, Lamar is very lucky," says the source, adding that Odom is grateful for her help.  "She has been amazing."

It's going to be a challenge to return to 100%, if that's even possible, but the New York native's resilience is obvious.  Odom hasn't given up on himself, and the source noted that he "is a fighter who works hard every day.

 "Lamar has serious longterm and lasting issues. His life will never be the same as it once was."

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