Lamar Odom in the Hospital: Just How Bad Is It?

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The life of Lamar Odom may no longer be in danger.

But a new report makes it clear that the life Lamar Odom once knew may tragically be a thing of the past.

According to TMZ insiders, the former basketball star and current husband of Khloe Kardashian still has a VERY long way to go in his recovery from last month’s health scare.

Odom, of course, was found unconscious inside of a Las Vegas brother after multiple days of partying with legal prostitutes.

It was later discovered that he had cocaine and an herbal sexual stimulant in his system, with doctors unsure if Odom would even survive the initial few days.

But he showed enough progress to be transferred from a Vegas hospital to a hospital in Los Angeles, where friends and family members (most notable Khloe) remain by his side.

Kardashian recently opened up about Lamar to Ellen DeGeneres, saying her estranged husband often doesn't know his birthday, the identity of the President or many other basic facts.

But it's even worse than that, TMZ reports.

It cites a source who says Odom can barely communicate or move around. He’s remained in the same, unfortunate state for weeks now and, at times, he comes across as “empty.”

Most disturbingly of all, the site writes, is that Odom doesn’t even recognize many of his visitors, all of whom are close loved ones.

They fear he has suffered significant, irreversible brain damage.

Lamar has been in a hospital since passing out on October 13. And there are sadly no signs that he'll be leaving any time soon.

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