Kim Kardashian: FAKING Pregnancy Problems?!

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Yesterday, Kim Kardashian asked fans to pray for her, as she revealed that her baby is breech, which may complicate her delivery and force her to undergo an emergency C-section.

Kim Kardashian Being Pregnant

It's a frightening revelation, and Kim says that's not the only complication she's facing as she heads into the final weeks of her second pregnancy.

Once again Kim's placenta has grown into her uterine wall; she's suffering from pre-eclampsia; and the amount of stress she's under is reportedly causing sleep and dietary issues.

Naturally, millions have expressed their concerns on social media, but now, sources close to Kim are telling Radar Online that they believe she's faking her health issues in order to drum up publicity.

“Kim was just talking with a group of friends about her pregnancy and she said everything is going really well,” one source tells the website.

“She didn’t say anything about a crisis pregnancy. Some people think she could be exaggerating the situation to the public for drama.”

One insider even went so far as to joke, “If she does get an early C-section it is because she doesn’t want to gain any more weight this time.”

Hollywood OB/GYN Dr. Jim Betoni also spoke with Radar, and he says that while the risks seem real based on Kim's descriptions, he's confident that she's receiving the best medical care - and both mother and son will be just fine.

“She has risk factors but there are things that are now watched closer,” he says. “So at least you come in prepared.”

Bottom line: Kim's delivery may not be the smoothest on record, but you should spend this holiday weekend focused on the turkey in your oven, not the bun in hers.

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