Kendra Wilkinson: Hating on Hank Baskett?

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The consistently bad news surrounding Kendra Wilkinson and her marriage to former NLF player Hank Baskett is such a bummer.  

Kendra on Top, Hank on Bottom

The latest report is that Wilkinson went out alone on Halloween in Los Angeles, and was A-OK pretending to act like a singleton.

"She was on the prowl," a source told Us Weekly.

Wilkinson, whose marriage problems have been well-documented on her WE TV series, Kendra on Top, has been publicly dealing with the fallout.

Call it brave or call it exploitation, but the allegations that Baskett cheated on her in June 2014 with a transgender model have played out on TV.

At the time, she was pregnant with the couple's second child, Alijah.

Baskett, the story claims, wants to stay together "for the kids," but Wilkinson is reportedly "deeply unhappy" with her spouse. 

A source isn't sure the former Girls Next Door star will "ever get over it."

In the September 11th episode, Wilkinson found herself treading into dangerous territory.

“I have some guys I’ve been texting lately that I think are not just in the friend category - even just a ‘Hey’ from a guy from my past turns me the f--k on," Wilkinson said.

“I’m trying my hardest to distance myself from that feeling. I’m like, 'I'm married again,’ but when a guy hits me up it’s hard to shut that feeling off.” 

Argghh, this is when you cancel your show to focus on your personal life.

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