Kendall Jenner Birthday Tribute: Look Who's 20!

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Kendall Jenner turns 20 years old today.

And it's safe to say a whole lot has changed in the life of this model/reality star in the past year, starting with the evolution of her Instagram page:

It may seem hard to believe, but Jenner was once a cute, innocent teenager who just shared photos of herself smiling with friends.

More often than not these days, her social media account is instead filled with racy bikini or lingerie pictures.

Or pictures of Kendall shilling for her latest brand, as the model is an official spokeswoman for such global companies as Calvin Klein, signing with the world famous apparel maker in March.

Here's a look at images she's posed for on behalf of Calvin Klein since then:

Moreover, since turning 19, Jenner has followed in the promotional footsteps of older half-sister Kim Kardashian.

Simply put, the young lady is EVERYwhere. Quick... name a magazine! Kendall has likely covered it.

Credit her manager/mother. Credit her strong worth ethic. Credit a public who has a mysterious hunger for all things Kardashian and Jenner, but take a look here at all the publications that have featured Kendall in the last year or so alone:

In the end, however, we do give props to Kendall for excelling in the competitive world of modeling.

She has said many times that she doesn't want to use her last name to help her get ahead and she does seem intent on making a real career out of this industry, as opposed to just sitting back and taking her clothes off online.

But that doesn't mean she doesn't sit back and often take her clothes off online.

Jenner can still be relied upon to pose in an inappropriate manner (she's still not even old enough to drink yet, remember) in order to goose her social media numbers.

So, in honor of Kendall's 20th birthday, we present below far more than just 20 examples of the burgeoning superstar showing us her racy side on the Internet.

Click. Drool. And send Kendall your very best birthday wishes now!

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