June Shannon and Sugar Bear: Who Cheated with Whom?

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As previously confirmed, June Shannon and Sugar Bear are headed to Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

And, by the sound of things, the couple is in dire need of it.

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In a revealing interview with toofab, the reality stars open up about their recent relationship struggles, with both sides acknowledging that the Bear cheated on his long-time love.

"My biggest issues was my cheating," explains Sugar Bear.

"I’ve done that and shouldn’t have and I look back on it, I regret it and I wanted to go to Marriage Boot Camp and get the help that I need."

Initial reports alleged that Sugar Bear was simply caught surfing dating websites.

But it has now been confirmed that he did far more with someone far closer to June than some random woman on the Internet.

"It was really hurtful because one of it was a good friend of ours that we’ve known for quite some time," confessed June, explaining how Honey Boo Boo's father had an affair with a co-worker's wife. 

Shannon understandably reacted to the news with anger and sadness at first.

But now it sounds like she's trying to educate her overweight lover.

"I told him, a lot of times, people aren’t liking you for Mike Thompson, they’re liking you because, Sugar Bear, you’re Honey Boo Boo's dad," June says.

"You gotta realize who’s really there for you, and who’s a fanatic and just wants to say ‘Oh my god, I slept with Sugar Bear."

We’d really like to meet the person who would take pride in saying that... and/or we never want to meet the person who would take pride in saying that.

While there’s plenty for fans to see between Shannon and Sugar Bear on the WE tv series when it kicks off on December 4, the couple did give an update on their current status.

"We are still living separate. We see each other on the weekend and there’s some things he still needs to work on," June says.

"The trust is still not there 100%. I still tell him, in the house you have to be honest no matter what the consequences are." 

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