Jared Fogle: Facing Up to 12 Years on Prison?!

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Back in July, Jared Fogle was arrested on suspicion of child molestation and soliciting minors for sex.

Jared Fogle Snapshot

He was eventually charged with 14 counts of statutory rape, but was expecting a lenient sentence thanks to a controversial plea deal. 

Now, it seems that Fogle may wind up going to prison for more than twice as long as he thought.

Under the terms of his initial deal, Fogle would have received five years in prison in exchange for cooperating with the investigation into the child pornography ring he was allegedly a part of.

Now, TMZ is reporting that Fogle could be facing up to 12 years behind bars, thanks to documents filed today by the US Attorney's Office in Indiana.

There are numerous reasons that Fogle is now facing a harsher sentence.

Prosecutors have determined that his crimes are "especially heinous," as more than 5.6 terrabytes of child porn were found on devices in Fogle's home.

In addition, a journalist named Rochelle Herman-Walrond recorded hours of audio of Fogle describing his abuse of children in graphic detail.

The judge in Fogle's case will take the prosecutor's new request into consideration, and even if the court doesn't agree with the "especially heinous" label, it's unlikely that Fogle's initial plea deal will be accepted.

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