Harry Hamlin: I'm Sorry About The Swastika T-Shirt

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Casamigos and George Clooney threw one hell of a Halloween party on October 30th, with a guest list that included several costumed celebs, from Maria Shriver to Channing Tatum.  

Harry Hamlin Halloween Costume

Unfortunately, each year brings the risk of an offensive costume, (Hi Julianne Hough), and this year that award went to Harry Hamlin.

Hamlin and his wife, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Rinna, dressed up as Sex Pistols' Sid Vicious and his murdered girlfriend Nancy Spungen.  The costume went over like a lead ballon, primarily due to the Swastika shirt Hamlin wore under a leather jacket.

When the photo surfaced on social media, people slammed the actor for his "offensive" and "ignorant" choice of garb.

Realizing that they crossed the line, the couple posted an apology to Instagram, explaining that they were "being authentic to the characters of Sid and Nancy" for their Halloween costumes.

"It hurt and angered many of you and we are deeply sorry for that. That was never our intention. We did not mean to offend.

"With love, Lisa and Harry."

While we get that actors feel the need to nail the "authenticity" of pretty much anything, let's save that for an idea like Marge Simpson or Cinderella.  

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