Giada De Laurentiis: Dating A Married Guy?!

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Giada De Laurentiis finalized her divorce from Todd Thompson in September, which leaves her free to date other gentleman and feed them post-coital meals.

Giada De Laurentiis: Autism Speaks Celebrity Chef Gala

Last week, The chef sheepishly admitted on the Wendy Williams Show that she was seeing someone special.

“I’m gonna say 'kind of,'” she told Williams. “And I will tell you this is the first time I’ve actually said that."

That's nice.

The new man in her life TV producer Shane Farley, who Page Six discovered is married to someone else.  

"When he first met Giada, he was still very much married," a source told the paper.

The revelation was in reference to an E! feature on Farley, listing off things we didn't know about the FABLife producer.

"They just left off he’s technically still married," a source told the paper.

Farley met first met Laurentiis in 2013 when she and Bobby Flay were in talks to have their own show (which Farley would produce).

Last March, Farley filed for divorce from his wife, personal trainer Jennifer Giamo.  Unfortunately, Giamo didn't hear about this new romance from the horse's mouth. 

“My client is devastated by what she has learned through the tabloids," Giamo's lawyer told Page Six.  "'Hurtful’ would be a mild characterization.”

Farley and Giamo are "in the middle" of divorce proceedings, and Farley's rep insists that he and De Laurentiis didn't start dating until the past August. 

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