Farrah Abraham's Makeup-Free Selfie Looks SUPER Unnatural

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Your heart breaks a little for Farrah Abraham, who nowadays is famous for her plastic surgery and career in adult entertainment.

Farrah Abraham Attemps a Makeup-Free Selfie

Once upon a time she reducing her father, "Michael" to tears on 16 & Pregnant.  Now, Abraham is hawking any and all beauty enhancement product placed in her hands.

After three boob jobs and a bunch of needles to the face, Abraham decided to test the waters with the latest celebrity trend, a makeup-free selfie.

Here's the thing: Abraham didn't capture the essence (read: the point) of a makeup-free selfie, which is meant to look natural, and a wee bit vulnerable.

Instead, Abraham put a something that enhanced her boob job (third time is a charm) and girlish figure.

It's cool, though, because she wasn't wearing makeup.  Look at how relaxed and at ease she is!

"While she does look mostly makeup-free, the posing just makes this so unnatural," The Stir pointed out.

This one's a little more in line with the makeup-free message:

Farrah Abraham Hawks A Beauty Product

Hey, she gave it the old college try. You can't deny her that.

If life has taught us anything, it's that you can't have it all. So if you want Abraham without makeup, you'll have to accept her boobies.  

Those girls aren't going to pay for themselves.

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