Christine Ouzounian: Ben Affleck Nanny Gets Back With Ex-Fiance, Moves to Bahamas

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It's been a while since we last checked in on Christine Ouzounian - the former nanny with whom Ben Affleck allegedly cheated on Jennifer Garner.

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Soon after Ouzounian was named as Affleck's mistress, word spread that she intended to use her newfound notoriety to make a career for herself as a reality star.

There were rumors that Ouzounian and Affleck were in love. Several sources reported that Ouzounian was being considered for The Bachelorette

Thankfully, Ben and Hollywood both came to their senses and realized they they were assisting Ouzounian in her effort to homewreck her way to the top.

Christine's best laid plans went awry, and it seems she's given up on her dreams of stardom.

Fortunately, she's got the world's most forgiving fiance - and a great place to lick her wounds.

Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Ouzounian has moved to the Bahamas to rekindle her romance with Christopher Albury.

Ouzounian and Albury got engaged last spring, but their relationship mysteriously fizzled not long after she was hired by Affleck and Garner.

With the Batfleck-banging out of her system, Ouzounian appears to have come crawling back to Albury, who was reportedly willing to accept her apology.

So it looks like Christine will come out on top after all. She gets her old life back along with some super expensive consolation prizes. #Winning

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