Blac Chyna: TAKING IT to Kylie Jenner Over Tyga Relationship Drama!

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You didn't really think Blac Chyna would remain silent on the sidelines during the past week's Kylie Jenner-Tyga relationship roller coaster, did you?

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If you missed it, the Keeping up with the Kardashians starlet briefly extinguished the flames of her controversial romance with the mediocre rapper.

Young Jenner broke up with him, by all indications, due to his consistently shady behavior and the conventional wisdom that she can do a lot better.

Just as quickly, though, the duo appears to be back together - and perhaps even hotter than ever - after Tyga begged Kylie for a second chance.

We can't even with these two. And neither, it appears, can Blac.

Chyna, the all-star stripper and mother of Tyga's son King, has been a frequent critic of his romance with Kylie, and couldn't resist piling it on.

When she found out that her baby daddy was single again, Blac quickly posted an online video wearing the watch that Tyga bought for her.

Those who keep close tabs on the Kylie-Blac feud may recall that Tyga bought his then-underage plaything the same watch earlier this year.

Blac's BFF Amber Rose then got in on the action too, Tweeting, "When you overlook his jacked up bottom row of teeth and he still cheat on you."

Not all that subtle with the shade throwing right there, Ambs.

Sure, a pair of grown ass women trolling Kyga may be juvenile and beneath them, but at least it's mostly harmless and not full-on menacing.

It's not like Blac is licking knives and making thinly-veiled threats, or posting photos of herself with comically Kylie-style plumped lips here.

Oh wait.

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