Ashley Madison Sued For Massive Fraud, Fake Chicks

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Ashley Madison was selling sexually frustrated guys on a roster full of women ready to help them cheat, only the women didn't exist, a lawsuit alleges.

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David Poyet, whose marriage must already be over if he's willing to put his name on this, claims he was lured to the site because of ... well, women.

Ashley Madison boasted a female roster of 5.5 million users (30 percent of the total), or so it claimed. We later learned almost all female users were fake.

It's way worse than you think when we say "almost all."

Of those 5.5 million, as few as 12,000 are believed to be real, meaning almost every guy outed by the Ashley Madison hack wasn't even successful!

Not that people who MAKE AN ACCOUNT ONLINE to cheat on their wives deserve sympathy, but 99 percent sham accounts? That's just wrong.

The irony, or perhaps it's not ironic since they were so obvious about it, is that the hackers made it clear they were outing the company for this reason.

Amorality, sure, but not just of the sexual kind. Fraud.

Poyet wants to make this class action lawsuit for unfair and fraudulent business practices and wants more than $5 million in damages from the company.

Yeah. Good luck with ...

  • Getting that bankrupt operation to pay;
  • Getting other guys to put their names on this ... although Josh Duggar's life is already ruined and he's broke, so maybe give him a ring?

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