Adam Lind: Weird, Scary Chelsea Houska Tattoo Revealed?

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Adam Lind is a frightening dude who seems intent on making his baby mama's life a living hell, so it makes sense that he would get a frightening tattoo that seems to depict Chelsea Houska living in hell:

Adam Lind, Tattoos
Adam Lind Chelsea Houska Tattoo

Does the demonic tatt look like Chelsea? 

No, not really, but there's been lots of speculation that Lind's new ink is meant as a shot at his ex, and he has yet to dispute the rumor.

The rumors were prompted in part by Lind's caption for the photo, which reads, “My sexy red head :) eating my heart out!”

Given that Chelsea's red hair is one of her signature traits, it's not hard to see why fans might think the tatt is some sort of bizarre tribute.

It was probably a little unsettling for Chelsea to see the pic online, but fortunately, it seems she doesn't have much to worry about form her lunatic ex.

Shortly after his other baby mama, Taylor Halbur, filed for a restraining order against Lind, he seemed to get his notorious temper somewhat in check.

As a bonus, Lind has been arrested so many times that if he stalks or harasses Chelsea again, his ass is going away for a long time!

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