Yolanda Foster: Going Broke Battling Lyme Disease?!

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Back in 2012, Yolanda Foster was diagnosed with Lyme disease. While she's shown remarkable determination in her battle to regain her health, Foster and her family have been forced to make certain sacrifices as the disease has taken its toll.

Yolanda in Treatment

Foster has lost her ability to read and write, and she's become increasingly reliant upon help from others in order to get out of bed and perform simple tasks.

In addition to the tremendous physical toll that she's paid, Yolanda and her family have suffered financially, as well, as she's been forced to travel internationally to receive stem cell treatments that are illegal in the United States. 

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Yolanda and her husband - famed music producer David Foster - have sold their Beverly Hills mansion and moved into a condo in a far less swanky neighborhood of Los Angeles. 

Fortunately, while the move is a cost saving measure, its reportedly only temporary, as sources close to the Fosters report that Yolanda and David are looking for a smaller mansion and hoping to return to Beverly Hills.

"While Yolanda wants to buy a house, David isn’t ready to put down a huge payment,” says one insider.

"David is hoping Yolanda will agree to lease something. The real estate market in Beverly Hills is just out of control, and David doesn’t want to overpay."

The Fosters were reportedly in a hurry to sell (they accepted a $19 million offer, despite originally asking or $23.5 million), but that doesn't mean Yolanda is willing to settle when it comes to her new home.

"Yolanda wants a house that has at least five bedrooms, a pool, and large gardens,” says the insider.

It's nice to hear that the disease hasn't sapped Yolanda's spirit.

Yolanda recently revealed that her daughter Bella Hadid has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, but even though the illness has had an unfortunate effect on the entire family, the Fosters are also bringing up another generation of A-listers.

Yolanda's daughters Bella and Gigi are both in demand models, and David's daughters Sarah and Erin are actresses who star on the VH1 series Barely Famous.

Something tells us Yolanda can still afford all the gardens she wants.

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