Tyga to Blac Chyna & Future: Happy Boning!

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Sources close to mediocre rapper Tyga say that he's cool with Future dating Blac Chyna, the mother of his son King, and why shouldn't he be?

Dude's got one Kylie Jenner all over him at home.

Tyga on a Boat!
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Not surprisingly, there were rumblings of a feud between Tyga and Future as soon as rumors surfaced about the latter flopping around on Blac Chyna.

Because Tyga and Future are said to be pretty tight - they collaborated on the single "Show You" - it felt like a particularly bad bro code violation.

Or not. Tyga gives "zero f--ks" about this.

That's how a TMZ source put it when questioned regarding Future's relationship with Chyna, with whom he has a longstanding beef as well as a son.

The reason is simple: Tyga is penetrating Kylie and getting stimulated left and right and that's the only thing he gives any f--ks about in this era.

In fact, he's even opening to collaborating with Future on another song if the circumstances align, proving that he's all about the money.

And the Kylie. As for Jenner and Blac?

That feud seems to have cooled for the time being, but with tension levels that high, one can only imagine it will erupt again in the ... future. Sorry.

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