Rosie O'Donnell Ripped By Daughter Chelsea in Interview: She's Like Two Different People!

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Rosie O'Donnell's relationship with her adopted daughter Chelsea is looking mighty strained these days. More so than ever before, in fact.

The Daily Mail published a bombshell interview with the 18-year-old, who went missing this summer, in which she makes startling claims.

About her mother. And we're not talking flattery or adulation here.

Rosie and Chelsea O'Donnell

Chelsea claims that she's closer to her nannies, since Rosie is "like two different people" and "I find her not genuine a lot of the time."

"When we'd go out, she was a completely different person in public than at home ... I had a really hard time with that," she added.

"I feel she should be her real self, who she is. She has this public persona; she will put this big smile on her face, try to be funny."

"She would always go up to people and want to hold their babies in public," Chelsea says. "She had this happy, friendly side to her."

O'Donnell and her ex-wife Kelli Carpenter share Chelsea and three other kids. She also adopted one child with ex Michelle Rounds.

Chelsea claimed that meals with the family were often from fast food restaurants and Carpenter was the only person who could cook.

"Our dinners were mostly ordering pizza or Chinese," Chelsea said, noting that "Rosie would eat takeout with us."

"If there were cookies in the house, she would eat them all."

"She was always coming into our rooms, asking if we had candy. She would drink beer when we were growing up but after her heart attack she couldn't."

"Now I think she drinks wine."

As for her day to day routine?

"Rosie wears tight Spandex shorts and a T-shirt. She doesn't get dressed and never wears makeup unless someone comes to do it for her."

According to Chelsea, her relationship with the star was a major link to her depression and anxiety because of the divorce from Carpenter:

"Rosie's fuse was really short with me. She would yell. We were sent to our rooms, no electronics, not being allowed to hang out with friends."

"Things were good when I was younger but as I got older, I became more interested in my birth parents and didn't really get along with Rosie."

After Chelsea turned 18 on August 24, she opted to live with her biological mother, Deanna, in Wisconsin. O'Donnell's rep confirmed this.

Rosie's camp says it was Chelsea's choice, however, while the teenager claimed O'Donnell kicked her out after one final confrontation.

"She asked me what was going on and I didn't want to [talk]. So she asked for my phone and my computer. This was hours before she told me to leave."

"Rosie said that I was almost 18, and she got all this crap from work, and she didn't want to have to deal with that at home too."

Chelsea also denied that she's mentally ill, which is what O'Donnell's rep said when she went missing following a Tinder meetup.

"Putting out there that I am mentally ill was really hurtful. People think I'm this crazy person and as I've said, I have depression and bad anxiety."

"But it's been something that's gotten a lot better," the teen said. "I wouldn't say I'm mentally ill ... I would say lots of people struggle with what I have."

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