Nick Gordon Injected Bobbi Kristina Brown With POISON, Family Claims

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Earlier this week, we reported that Nick Gordon may soon be arrested for the murder of Bobbi Kristina Brown.

While that hasn't happened yet, the fact that investigating officers recently passed his case along to the DA means it's still very likely that Gordon will face criminal charges for his role in his 22-year-old girlfriend's overdose and drowning.

In the meantime, lawyers for the Brown and Houston families are throwing everything they have at Gordon in a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit.

Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina

The families' legal team has already alleged that Gordon left Bobbi Kristina to drown in a tub of cold water, now they're alleging that he injected her with a toxic substance on the night of her death.

"Exclusive new details in civil suit against Nick Gordon claim he INJECTED Bobbi Kristina Brown with toxic mixture, killing her," tweeted an Atlanta reporter who's covering the proceedings.

Brown family lawyers also went into greater detail about the alleged "altercation" that took place between Nick and Bobbi Kristina in the moments before her death.

Documents filed by the attorneys claim that Bobbi Kristina “died following a particularly violent altercation with [Gordon] that left her battered and bruised, with a tooth knocked out.”

The results of Bobbi Kristina's autopsy have been sealed pending further investigation, so it is not known if her body showed signs of a struggle.

If her injuries were as varied and extensive as the Browns and Houstons claim, it seems unlikely that Nick Gordon will remain a free man for much longer.\

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