Lil Wayne: Sex Tape Must Come Down or Else!

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Rap/threesome mogul Lil Wayne is on a mission to make his sex tape disappear from the Internet, perhaps unaware of how the Internet works.

Once a scandalous photo or video hits the world wide webs, it is bloody difficult to expunge, as it will always be cached or reposted somewhere.

Just ask the lawyers up in arms over the Justin Bieber nude photos. In that case, at least, Bieber isn't too mad ... unlike Weezy right now.

If you missed it, the Lil Wayne sex tape rumors first surfaced a few weeks ago, then a clip hit the web basically confirming that the tape is real.

And kinda boring, minus the fact that Weezy is wearing socks.

Only socks. The two girls he's with, reportedly strippers, do most of the heavy lifting, so to speak, as the 33-year-old lies there enjoying himself.

Anyway, he's not pleased about the footage going viral online.

Wayne's attorneys fired off a cease and desist letter to Hollywood Street Kings, the blog that somehow got ahold of and has been posting clips.

The letter does not even concede there is a sex tape, per se, but implies that if there were one, Wayne had no idea he was being filmed in it.

His legal team is demanding the site remove the video within five days, or else. They don't say what "or else" means, but it's obvious, right?

Lawsuit. Your move, Hollywood Street Kings.

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