Leah Messer, Miranda Patterson GO AT IT on Teen Mom 2 Reunion!

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Corey Simms' wife Miranda Patterson has had it up to here with his ex-wife Leah Messer, and tensions boiled over on last night's Teen Mom 2 reunion.

The pregnant Patterson exploded at her subtitle-prone husband’s troubled ex-wife, and for her part, Leah accused Corey of cheating on Miranda.

With whom? Well, the implication was clear.

Backing up for a moment, Simms and Patterson have been battling hard for custody of his five-year-old twin daughters with Messer, Ali and Aleeah.

It's a situation that's taken a toll on all three.

Given Leah's countless personal problems - Messer spent part of the summer in rehab for a prescription pill problem - Simms has had reason to worry.

In a heated conversation on Teen Mom 2 Season 6 Episode 14, Leah confronted Miranda about never talking to her when they exchange the kids.

“What do you need me to get out of the truck for? To ask you how your day was Leah? How was your day?” Patterson asks her rival sarcastically.

Safe to say they are not friends.

“The attitude you give me, that’s not okay," Leah responds, calmly (for the moment). "That’s not the kind of relationship I ever wanted with you."

“You disrespect me!” Patterson shouted back at Leah, getting more fired up. “I really don’t need the stress, okay? I don’t need your bulls--t stress!”

Dr. Drew Pinsky, on hand to moderate this, asked Patterson why she seems so “hostile,” and what Messer ever did to warrant this extreme anger.

“We are fed up!” she says, adding:

“There’s a lot.”


Could she be referring to rumors that Simms banged Messer in his truck - RECENTLY - during a meeting to "discuss their daughters"?

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, that specific rumor does not come up explicitly, though Leah does accuse Corey of "hitting her up."

Patterson's intense reaction toward Leah, and the tension between them throughout the season, certainly won't dispel these rumors.

“He’s admitted the affair to Miranda,” an insider told OK! Magazine, stating an undisputed fact whether there was any cheating or not:

“It’s all a huge mess.”

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