Lamar Odom Seeking Kidney Transplant, Sources Say

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Earlier today, we reported that Lamar Odom has been transported to a hospital in Los Angeles where he will continue to the recovery process after nearly dying from an overdose last week. 

Reports on the 35-year-old's condition have been mostly positive over the past week, with several sources claiming that Odom has begun physical therapy and is able to walk and engage in simple conversations. 

Lamar Odom Outside a Club

Unfortunately, Odom still has a long way to go.

Hospital insiders say that while the damage to his brain is not as severe as expected, he still runs the risk of multiple organ failure.

Odom is currently undergoing dialysis, but TMZ is now reporting that he may require a life-saving kidney transplant in the very near future.

Odom is currently undergoing six hours of dialysis a day, and will likely never be able to leave the hospital without the donation of a healthy kidney.

To make matters worse, doctors are still uncertain about the extent of Odom's brain damage, as they feel that he's in too fragile of a state to undergo the necessary tests.

Needless to say, Odom's road to recovery will be a long and difficult one. We'll keep you updated on his condition as more information becomes available. 

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